There are many down payment assistance programs available, including state-wide and local programs.

MINNESOTA HOUSING FINANCE AGENCY (MHFA) offers down-payment assistance and closing cost loans in the state of Minnesota. Various income limits apply. A monthly payment program offers a 10-year payback period. A separate “Start Up” program for first-time homebuyers provides no-interest loans that do not have monthly payments. These loans are repaid when the property is sold or refinanced. 

WISCONSIN HOUSING AND  ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY (WHEDA) offers down-payment assistance and closing cost loans in the state of Wisconsin. Various income limits apply.


Below are examples of some, but not all, of the local programs These programs are subject to fund availability.  Please contact a Mortgages Unlimited Mortgage Advisor for more information.

Project Reinvest offers downpayment assistance on homes in cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis. The loan does not impose monthly payments nor accrues interest, and is paid back when you sell the home. Income limits apply.

Outside of the cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis, the Midwest Minnesota Community Development Corporation runs Project Reinvest assistance programs, and different income limits apply. 

In Ramsey County, the county’s FirstHOME program offers first-time homebuyer assistance for low- to moderate-income applicants at zero interest. Buyers must show three years of uninterrupted full-time work history, and the loan must be paid back at the time the house is resold or refinanced. House purchase price limits apply.

The city of Woodbury offers low-interest loans to homebuyers who have not owned a home within the past three years, with special discounts for seniors and military veterans. Family income limits apply. House purchase price limits apply.

Woodbury also assists with the purchase of foreclosed properties, and that program is not limited to first-time homebuyers. 

NORTHSIDE (Minneapolis Northside Residents Redevelopment Council)
Some programs are specific to certain neighborhoods, such as low-income areas with high vacancy and foreclosure rates. The Northside Residents Redevelopment Council offers down-payment assistance for homebuyers in the Near North and Willard Hay neighborhoods of Minneapolis. There’s no income limit, and no monthly payments are required on this forgivable loan, which does not have to be paid back at all if the homeowner occupies the house for at least seven years.

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